Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jan - March

Well, I'm working backwards from March to January. But I'm glad to just be able to update the blog! I only have an iPad and can't blog on it but Nate is being so kind to let me use his computer tonight. So I'm doing another big update.

Rosalyn is taking sewing lessons right now and has learned the straight stitch. I gave her a bundle of pillows to stitch that had come apart . She is working on a making 2 pillowcases right now and a surprise baby gift for the baby. She loves it and wants to "make our home beautiful now"!

Nate's birthday was in March. His birthday was on a Sunday this year. When he got home from church he found out he had to preach at another church that evening. It was a long day for him. But while he was gone, the kids and I decorated the house, made a special dinner for him, and ran to the store so we could have his favorite...angel food cake, strawberries, and cool whip. The kids loved making posters and hanging balloons and then jumping out and saying surprise to daddy. We are so thankful for Nate...he's a great daddy, a loving husband and best friend.

Katie lost her first 2 teeth! She lost her first tooth one evening and then 2 days later the second one came out. She was so proud!

Knox started working hard on putting together a wooden train. He loves tools and has great patience while working on it. We haven't finished yet but he's proud of it. (There's the heating pad on my stomach. I had a horrible nerve issue the first and second trimester. Heating pad was the only relief.)

The girls studying outside. We live in a neighborhood but what I love about our home is the back yard. We have a large green space and these woods that the kids love to play in. I had to capture this moment.
Sadly, this is the only snow we had this year. And it melted very quickly.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

2011 in Review

I was horrible at keeping up with the blog in 2011 so I'm doing the year in review. We had such fun things to do this year and I want the kids to have this blog to look back on one day and remember these days. 

Rosalyn's school sings at the downtown Franklin festival, Dickens of a Christmas. 

Rosalyn's class at their Christmas program

Christmas with my family. The kids with their new scooters. (Rosalyn's didn't make it in the pic.)
Knox enjoying his new shield. 
Katie's 6th Birthday! It was a party full of fun games and prizes!
Nate and I at the pumpkin patch
The kids with their pumpkins
Trick or treating with good friends
Being silly with cousin Ethan
At the beach, we went to the arcade one night and the first game Rosalyn chose to play she won 1000 tickets. It was quite amazing!
Rosalyn's 8th Birthday! Movie at the downtown theater and ice cream from Sweet Cece's!
Katie starts Kindergarten! She homeschooled this year.
Rosalyn starts 2nd Grade. Not sure why this pic is so messed up. Her face is not really this discolored.
Knox beginning preschool at home!
The summer of the Cicadas. The worst bugs ever, besides spiders and roaches. They were horribly loud and would fly right at your face while you were walking outside. Thankful to not see them for another 13 years.
The kids and I made a trip to Jackson, MS to see our friends. Nate and Rosalyn have been friends since they were little babies. It's a sweet friendship. I love this family. The kids were able to attend VBS at First Pres which was great fun for them. 
Katie with Sara Beth at the Children's Museum in Jackson
A fun retreat with the youth of our church. The girls loved tubing, riding boats, and swimming in the lake!
My grandmothers sisters live about 45 minutes from me so we were able to go to a surprise birthday party for 2 of them. I love my great-aunts! I wish my grandmother was still alive to have gone to the party with me. 
Me and one of my best friends, Kortney, from Jackson. She visited us in Nashville for  a day. I miss her!!
Kortney's boys and the girls
Oh finally....a fun trip to the beach in August with Nate's family.  
Loving the ocean
Knox rode his first little train while on the beach vacation. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, it's been a long time since I sat down to blog on here. It's not that we don't have anything going on to tell about. It's actually quite the opposite. This year has been a year of ups and downs, sadness and excitement, lots of fun times and lots of accomplishments from the kids. I am going to catch up from January but for now I will just start with what's happening these past 2 weeks.
Katie attended Mustard Seed Preschool and absolutely loved it. She made some really good friends and learned some great things. 2 weeks ago she graduated preschool and also had a spring program.

Katie's good friend, Laurel

Today, Rosalyn attended her schools awards day. What a special day it ended up being for her! She was awarded: First Grade Character Award "Sweet Spirit", All A Honor Roll, "Voracious Reading" (to those who love to read and are seen reading in their free time), Diligence Perservance and Effort, and a wonderful honor, Citizenship 2011 (She was the only one in the school who received this award). I wish I was prepared for her winning the Citizenship Award because the teacher who presented her with it said the most kind words about Rosalyn. I would have loved to have it on video. Here are a few pictures of her day.

This teacher will be Rosalyn's 2nd grade teacher and is the one who presented her with the citizenship award. They already have a sweet relationship so we're looking forward to next year!
Rosalyn with her 1st grade class

Monday, January 10, 2011

My family was with us on Christmas Day and Nate's family came the Monday following Christmas. We had a great 2nd Christmas with them!

Pillow Pets were the girls favorite presents...I'm so glad they got these so I don't have to listen to the request each time we go shopping!

I love Knox's intense look here as he opens his present.

Knox favorite present was definitely his sword. He loves it!

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful White Tennessee Christmas this year. It was a very relaxing day. Here's some pictures to show the kids happiness on Christmas morning.

The girls loved their guitars my parents gave them. Knox looked at their guitars and ran upstairs and brought his down. They played all afternoon and sang several songs for us.

Christmas Programs

Rosalyn was narrator in her Christmas Program. She also did great and had a confident voice as she spoke.

Katie was an angel in her preschool Christmas program. It was her first time to sing in a choir or in front of people but she did great. She was so happy to be up there.