Wednesday, November 26, 2008

October and November Happenings

We are still alive here at the Shurden house. I just haven't made time to update our blog in a VERY long time. I don't have time to upload any pictures right now but we have tons of cute ones to show off but I thought I'd update everyone on the kids.

Knox is now 9 months and is crawling everywhere! We only have 2 small steps in our house but he can get up and down those with no problem and loves to "run" away from me and get into no-no places! He totally understands no already. He'll look at me sometimes just to see if I'll say anything. And it's not a cute look, it's a "I know I shouldn't be doing this but I'm testing my mommy out" look. He is eating some table food now which is so much cheaper than baby food! He loves to make funny faces, do the coughing game, drop toys just to see you pick them up, and loves balls! He gives great big hugs, has deep belly laughs that make anybody around him smile. And just today he said his word "ma-ma"!! It may have been a one time thing at this point but it was precious.

Katie is 3 and her big achievement in October was getting potty trained!! She was so ready to learn so that made it tons more easy on me! She loves not having to wear diapers all day and is such a big girl now. I can't believe I have only 1 child in diapers now! I think that going through 3's is much harder than 2's. Katie has learned how to manipulate others, she's very sneaky at being bad, and she has lots of tantrums. I sure hope she's going through a phase and this will not be her permanant personality. At the same time though, she's loads of fun. She's learning alot of new things. She loves to play games, do puzzles, sing songs, and most of all she says some great prayers.

Rosalyn played soccer the month of October and loved, loved it! She was very timid at first but by the last game she was knocking girls over and wanting the ball all to herself. She did great! She is such a competitor. Since soccer is over, my long hallway has become the soccer field. Rosalyn is a very sweet , sensitive, compassionate little girl. Yet she is also very bossy and wants it her way. I guess that's just being the older child. She also just had the opportunity to sing in church with the children's choir and loved it.

Today we're packing and getting ready to go to our families for Thanksgiving. Rosalyn woke up with the pink eye and we've been to the doctor already this morning. Knox has been sick with a cold for over a week and is finally on antibiotics. Nate and I are still struggling with our colds but surely we'll get better soon. Through all the craziness of sickness and everyday life, we're so thankful for everything the Lord has given to us and has blessed us with. We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nate's Blogs

I know we're really far behind on our blog. We have tons of pictures to post, and so much new news to share with all of you. I'm going to try, really try to update things soon. 

In the meantime, I want to list a couple of links to Nate's blogs. He has been writing on the FPC blog and the YA blog recently. Check them out and often, since I think he's going to be writing on them pretty often.