Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No More Pacifier!!!

Yes, that's right! Knox doesn't have a paci anymore! We knew that it was past time to take it away but also wasn't up for the challenge of this. Knox would actually walk around or sleep with up to 3 pacis at one time. I say this was all God's timing because it has been way too simple. Last Wednesday Knox got a sore on his top lip. I think it may have been a carpet burn from all the jumping around and falling that he does. He didn't want the pacifier because it hurt him so much. So I said say bye, bye to paci and he did and they are gone. It takes him longer to go to sleep now but it's getting better. Each time he asks for it, I'll say no that paci was mean and give you a sore. And he'll move on and not ask for awhile. The other quite amazing thing is that he is almost saying sentences now. He repeats everything we say and talks nonstop in the car. It's so fun. Now on to challenge #2 soon...potty training. He's so ready but I'm not sure I am!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Knox's Catechism Answers

Knox has been slowly working on his Catechism questions. He doesn't say alot of words yet and definitely not making sentences so this is hard but it's so cute to listen to. Here's Nate working with him one night.