Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Johnny Jumper

Knox is now 4 months! He went yesterday for his check up and immunizations. He now weighs 14.5 lbs. and is 24 1/2 inches long.

Saturday we got out the Johnny Jumper and he loves it.

June pictures

Story time

Knox is eating cereal now and loving it!

Knox loves to have his clothes off!

He looks like such a man here

Sickness in the home

How sad is this picture of Knox?? On Tuesday, June 10th Knox started crying uncontrollably all day. I just knew it was another ear infection. I was able to take him to the doctor on Wednesday morning and found out he had hand, foot, and mouth.(No not the cow disease.) He had 3 ulcers in his throat which meant he didn't want to eat. We had 3 days of crying and sleepless nights. He was suppose to get blisters on his hands and feet but fortunately he never did. However, I wasn't so lucky. This sickness is only spread through drool or if the blisters were oozing.(How nasty does that sound?) Well, of course he spits up all the time and was constantly drooling so the next week I ended up with hand, foot, and mouth. The ulcers in my throat were extremely painful, I was very tired and achy, and the sores on my hands and feet were itchy and painful. So to say the least, the past 2 weeks have been tiring and very out of routine for us!

Monday, June 09, 2008

A Weekend In Greenwood

Nate had to assist in a wedding this past weekend in Greenwood, MS. Rosalyn and Knox went with us, while Katie stayed with my parents. There was no way I was going to attempt this trip with 3 kids. The hotel we stayed in had a pool so Rosalyn and I enjoyed that Saturday morning. We hung out alot in the church nursery. This was the first time Knox sat in an Exersaucer! He loved it.

A Trip to the Zoo

Every Thursday during the summer my Sunday School class is having playgroup time. We all went to the zoo 2 weeks ago. It was so fun. I'm so thankful for my class and the great people in it!

Katie with Harper

Knox actually slept most of the time, which was great! I know he looks funny with the headrest around him but he likes to feel secure in the stroller. While he was awake I snapped a quick picture of him!

Here's the whole group: Katie, Nate, Rosalyn, Eady, Harper, Ella, Banks, Richard Lewis. All but 2 of these kids have a sibling but they were all in strollers.