Monday, March 22, 2010


I am finally sitting down to update the blog and let you all know what we're doing. We moved to Franklin, TN on March 1 and are still unloading a few boxes and organizing rooms. We left the kids at the grandparents the first week of March so that we could get some work done without them around. That was a huge help! The last post I did was one about selling our house and thankfully it sold! We closed on it on March 12. We love being here in Franklin. Nate has actually had the whole month off so that we could settle in without the pressures of work. The neighborhood we live in has a playground in walking distance from our home and great little trails in the woods. Our backyard is fenced but we can open the fence and play in a big open area. The kids have loved it! Nate spent Saturday preparing the yard for our vegetable garden and the girls and I went to Home Depot to pick out some flowers to plant in our little flower garden. The church members of Parish have been so kind to us. We've had some good fellowship with alot of them. The girls have made some new friends and Rosalyn is actually itching to find her "best" friend. They have really surprised me at how easily they go up to other children and start playing with them. We miss our friends in Jackson and FPC but we are really looking forward to getting into the ministry of Parish Presbyterian and thankful that God has sent us here. If any of you need our new address or phone numbers, just email me and let me know!

I don't know where the cord is to upload pictures to the computer but when I find it, I'll post some.