Saturday, September 05, 2009

For you, Aunt Ellen

My sister, Ellen, lives in Canada so she sent Rosalyn her presents early. Ellen called early Thursday morning and Rosalyn was on the phone with her as she opened them. Ellen - she loved the Bendaroos and has played with them alot. Perfect!

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Rosalyn's 6th Birthday

We celebrated Rosalyn's 6th birthday on Sept.3. I just can't believe that she is already 6. The moment she was born, she changed my life and I have loved every moment of getting to know her. She is definitely a first born in the way she "likes to lead" aka bossiness, she likes order and structure. But most of all she has a heart for God. I pray God has chosen to save her and will use her in many, many ways for His kingdom.

For her party, we went to Harry the Potter and painted pottery! She invited 8 friends and really had a great time.

Early morning gifts

Birthday Streamers!!

A wonderful present from Nana and Pops...a real vaccuum for
both girls to use! Love it!
The cupcakes are overpowering here but I
didn't get a great picture of them

Very intense little girls painting

Nate had to finish painting Rosalyn's giraffe because she was trying to be
very precise and the other girls had already finished their item.
Opening presents. I loved hearing the girls talk
about the gift they brought. So cute!