Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Paci Fairy has come!

On Sunday night, the 13th, the paci fairy came to our house for Katie's pacifiers. The fairy would be taking her paci to another little boy or girl that needed it. This was a very big deal for us because Katie was very attached to her pacifiers. After supper, Katie began decorating her envelope -- excited and happy about it.

Then came time to put her paci in the envelope...not so excited about it. We had to pry it out of her fingers. Then came the uncontrollable screaming (screeching more like it) and crying and gasping for air. Boy was it dramatic. Monkey seemed to help a little bit.... We walked down to the mailbox and put the envelope in there for the paci fairy. (Screaming begins again.)
She got in bed by 8:30, crying and screaming still. I was catering to her because I knew this was hard for her. She asked for "Mr. Steve's music", which is the "Hide 'em in My Heart" CD's. This is usually not allowed for bedtime but I was at the point of whatever she wanted she could get. And then while still crying, she says "Pray me, mommy, pray me." I then started crying of course. I prayed with her, she laid down, and finally went to sleep around 10:30...with no paci. What a night. This is what Katie woke up and found outside.
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She was very excited about the jewelry, small doodle pro, and money that the paci fairy left in exchange for her paci.
I write this one week later. Katie has done great without the paci! There's only been a few times that she has asked for it but it's been when she's really tired. I'm so proud of her!Posted by Picasa

All 3 together

We always have a hard time getting all 3 kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time. They all looked precious last Sunday morning so I had to get them all posed. This is the best I got...
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 4th

The kids and I went out to Twin Lakes to visit with our friends, Tuan and Paula, on July 4th morning. We went to the parade that the counselors put together for the campers and then we had lots of playtime!

Knox new friend, Aubrey Sue! She's precious!Posted by Picasa

Ethan's Party

On June 30th, Nate's nephew, Ethan, turned 8 years old. We were able to go to his party and celebrate with him. The party began with all of us going to see the new Wall-E movie and then going to Granny's house for loads of fun on the water slide, in the sprinkler, and visiting with family! This was the first time that Nate's aunts and uncles had met Knox so it was a special time.

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And then we end the night by playing Ethan's new Wii!!

Knox Smiles Big!

Katie's Video

I made the cutest video of Katie singing "This Is the Day" but I absolutely cannot figure out how to upload a video onto our blog. I've tried different ways and each time there's been an error. So here's a link that will let you see it. If you listen carefully you'll hear me telling her to sing "Let Us Rejoice" and she says "No..by myself" and keeps singing. Oh the joy of 2 year olds!


Monday, July 07, 2008

Our Anniversary

Today is our anniversary! Though it's hard to believe, we have been married for seven years now. It's amazing to see all that has happened to us in these years. What we've gone through, how we've grown, all the blessings we have received...

This morning Nate posted a little reflection on marriage at the YA website. I thought I'd link to it in case you wanted to read it.