Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We went trick or treating with 2 other families and had a great time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Snow Day

It was a beautiful day yesterday as watched the snow fall. Today the schools are closed and we are enjoying a restful day at home!

Fun Trip to Jackson

We were so thankful to get the chance to go back and visit friends in Jackson since Nate was asked to preach at FPC for a special service.

Knox and Katie love to hold hands while riding in the car...so sweet!

Us with our sweet friends, Brad and Carrie

The girls with Brad and Carrie's daughters

A Snake in the House!!

I was about to start sweeping the dining room and looked behind some boxes (yes, still have lots of boxes of books in the house) and saw a snake moving behind it. I could tell that it was a baby one so I thankfully remained calm. I positioned Knox and Katie in the hallway in chairs to watch and be sure the snake didn't crawl anywhere. Nate came to the rescue 20 minutes later and killed it.

Horse Riding

I was able to take the kids to a dear friends farm to ride a pony back in October. All 3 loved riding the pony and are ready to go back! We're hoping to do riding lessons in the spring, once it warms up here. They also had to help around the farm and do chores. They brushed the pony after riding it, fed all 3 horses and the pony, then fed the birds and chickens. Lots and lots of fun!!